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Whitmer and COVID-19 Death Rates

Do not Recall The Govenor, Arrest Her.

COVIDNursingMapClick for larger view.New documentation now reveals Governor Whitmer’s direct role in sending Covid-19 patients to live in nursing homes, which house our most frail and elderly citizens. Michigan’s nursing home COVID-19 death rate has been one of the highest in the nation. Not only did Whitmer order that COVID-19 patients with unknown infection levels be sent to nursing homes, she offered a reward using our tax dollars to do it.

Recently, Michigan State Representative Beau LaFave (Iron Mountain) shared a document with me from the Michigan State Budget Office. Dated April 22nd, it states that the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will pay $5,000 for each COVID patient a nursing home accepts, up to 1,000 beds statewide for a total of $5 million. The state would designate certain nursing home as regional “Nursing Facility Hubs” to accept such patients. Governor Whitmer’s rational was to “prevent a surge” in hospitals which was only materializing in specific regions of the state.

As the Nation is enraged by the horrific death (murder) of George Floyd our frail and elderly inside of these nursing homes had no warning to cry out “I can’t breath” as they were unwittingly put in grave danger by our Governor’s orders.

COVIDSBOPayClick for larger view.3rd Degree Murder is defined as the unintentional killing of another through an eminently dangerous act committed with a depraved mind and without regard for human life. Also includes causing another's drug-related death by selling, delivering, or administering a Schedule I or II controlled substance.

At a time when more and more information was coming out about COVID-19, what our Governor did was nothing short of gross negligence and could be classified as 3rd degree murder.

This public document from the SBO is being ignored by the MSM. Right now, Michigan is one of only five states under scrutiny for its handling of the COVID-19 situation, which received a letter from US Congressman Steve Scalise asking the Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel to expand her "investigation" to include an April 15 order by Whitmer saying certain skilled nursing facilities "must accept the return" of a resident who had been hospitalized if it could meet the medical needs of the resident.

On June 29th Attorney General Nessel flatly REFUSED Congressman Scalise’s request, stating “I have not — and will not — launch a criminal investigation simply because of someone’s political affiliation.” Claiming, in essence, it was nothing short of a partisan attempt to discredit the Governor in a swing state. The Governor went on to say she didn’t have time “to play partisan games” in regards to the request from Congress and called the GOP lawmakers' targeted request “unfortunate.”

This goes beyond partisan politics. This is leadership working against the interest of all of Michigan’s citizens. Our families placed loved ones in nursing homes with the confidence that they will not only receive good care, but be kept safe.

I’ve been talking about the Governor’s poor handling of COVID-19 for some time, but recently I started addressing my focus on the nursing home issue and it appears to be striking a nerve. Right after I started posting things on social media about Michigan’s unusual nursing home deaths, I started to get increasingly toxic comments on social media, voice messages and emails.

Then, all of a sudden, my 23-year-old daughter’s tweet went viral. Her tweet received 200,000 likes and 30,000 re-tweets and made international news. I was shocked! How does a State Representative primary race and a 23-year-old twitter account make international news? It didn’t make sense. Or maybe it does.

I am very outspoken against our Governor. Her 45-cent gas tax was denied (thankfully) by the Republican led Legislature. Our Governor then went around their back and in essence, borrowed $3.5B on our State’s credit card. Refusing to work with and talk with the other branches of our government, Governor Whitmer started governing by fiat, issuing mandates and executive orders.

Now we have a nursing home issue. I started mentioning nursing homes in Michigan and all of sudden my daughter’s tweet goes viral and I am being personally attacked on social media.

Could it be a political attack or retaliation because I am posting more about the nursing home issue? Are people trolling my family to find any dirt to use against me because of the seriousness of the Governor’s actions? I’ll let the reader be the judge of that.

When the initial emergency powers expired, she asked for 70 more days to lock down our economy. I went on record stating my opposition. On April 15th, I was asked to lead a caravan to Lansing to participate with Anthony DiMaggio as well as State Representative, Matt Maddock’s Michigan Conservative Coalition, “Operation Gridlock” which resulted in 100,000 people arriving at the Capitol to also say “NO!” to our Governor’s over reach.

I did not agree with the legislatures decision to grant her a 23-day extension. Governor Whitmer even stated that we are still “collecting data” as referenced by Federal Judge, Paul L. Maloney’s ruling on June 19. The rationale was that she promised to “work with and negotiate closings” with the Legislature. Really!? This is the same women who proved who she was by NOT negotiating with you on the excessive gas tax! Now you expect her to operate in “good faith?” Seriously, a blind man could see what was coming.

I am very aware that I am running for office and I understand that politics is a contact sport, however, attacks that try to implicate my family are classless and a low blow. I can take it and have very thick skin. In fact, I am like a “velvet covered brick.” I am kind, I listen and I am diplomatic, and I am like granite when it comes to our safety and our rights as defined in our Constitution. It is hard to understand why Governor Whitmer did what she did. Often times, things come down to money. Maybe it is that simple, time will tell. I just hope our leadership in Lansing is not that cynical.

I am keeping myself informed the best I can while running a campaign and knocking doors (social distancing of course). I have found the Heartland Daily News to be helpful as well as the government COVID-19 website.

If I am elected and have the opportunity to represent the 73rd District, I will weigh the facts and consider all parties of interest. I will be honest and resourceful and resist special interests so I can effectively balance individual safety with constitutional rights.

Robert Regan is a Candidate for State Representative in the 73rd District. He has two primary opponents in the upcoming August 4th election and he will NOT be voting by mail.




Top down (ie government) approaches to controlling the pandemic failed our most vulnerable population: the elderly living in group homes.

FREOPP wrote an excellent paper on this May 7:





June 29, WSJ reports an uptick in Alzheimer’s deaths, suggesting neglect during lockdown. More and more we are going to see evidence of rise in non-Covid related deaths and morbidity due to people unable or too afraid to get medical care.


Let’s face it, west Michigan is special.

Thank you for checking out my campaign website and taking the time to learn more about me and how I want to represent the good people of the 73rd District.

Why Run?  ...because I want to serve the people of our district and represent OUR shared values and OUR shared interests in Lansing.

I have been working hard to earn the support of the district.  I know that my perseverance, determination and commitment will resonate with the district and am hopeful that 2020 is OUR year.

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