Tort Reform

Make any attorney involved in filing a frivolous lawsuit jointly liable for the cost of defending against the suit.

Currently, there is an abundance of frivolous lawsuits filed by individuals, and unscrupulous attorneys, in an effort to extort money from businesses and individuals who are perceived to have deep pockets.

Attorneys who represent clients in these lawsuits are typically compensated on a contingency basis, where the attorney receives a cut of the award granted as a result of the lawsuit. These attorneys are not subject to prosecution because they are acting as agents of the court system. The people who bring these suits are usually individuals who have no assets, and any judgment issued against them, for the cost of defending against these suits is not collectible. The result of these suits is that businesses frequently pay to settle the suit because the settlement is cheaper than the cost of prosecuting the case.

State legislation must be enacted that makes any attorney, who is involved in bringing a frivolous lawsuit, jointly liable with the individual who brings the suit. The attorney, and the attorney’s law firm, must be made liable for the expenses they force others to incur.

Let’s face it, west Michigan is special.

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