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I affirm the value of family farming

There should be no federal control of intrastate farming, farm markets or husbandry. I recognize the importance of agriculture to our state and to the independence of our Republic. I believe that it is beneficial to the independence of our country, and our state that the health of our people and the environment to have many small, independent, family-owned farms.

In order to promote such agriculture, I seek to lift the unfair regulations that prevent small farmers from being able to market their food, produce and livestock directly to the public if they so choose, instead of being forced to market their goods through the multi-national corporations.

I will discourage any attempt to federally control any aspects of intrastate farming, processing, transportation or commerce. While having ways to track herds and animals is very important for interstate food producers, processors or transporters in order to have confidence in their ability to be able to serve safe and wholesome food to consumers, implementation of the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) is an extreme method of tracking and can be abused since it can be easily correlated to private ownership. The NAIS is a federal tracking program and must never be allowed to become an unfunded mandate. If or when it is allowed, it should be restricted only to producers conducting interstate commerce. Farmers raising stock for intrastate commerce must not be burdened with the requirement to implement the NAIS.

Also, federal agricultural subsidies should be curtailed to encourage the growth of independent, family farming enterprises. Family farmers must be allowed to deal directly with all domestic (intrastate) channels of distribution, farm markets, and large retailers. I believe that the doctrine of interposition mandates that all branches of the State Government have a specific responsibility to hold any acts of the federal government, which are beyond the scope of its jurisdiction as specified by the United States Constitution, as illegal, invalid and unenforceable.

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