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Michigan Government Investments must be transparent

Transition all investment funds of Michigan governments (state, county, city, village, township, etc.) to public trusts, and allow full transparency of investments. Ensure that taxpayers are empowered to discover how invested funds are being handled. Establish a means by which the taxpayers can force compliance with disclosure requirements, and ensure profits from investment funds are used to reduce taxes in the state.

The investment funds of all Michigan governments (state, county, city, village, township, etc.) should be in public trusts which allow citizens to know what assets the governments hold and how the assets are being invested and used. The public trusts must be required to make periodic public reports of holdings of the trusts and the identity of the trustees and any brokers handling the funds. This action is needed to ensure that taxpayer-provided funds are being properly used and are not being diverted to enrich directly, or indirectly, the elected and appointed officials of the various governmental units.

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