MI Governor Admits Promoting This in Public Schools

Post by Eric Thompson

According to national data, American schools are failing, especially in larger urban areas run by national teachers’ unions. Instead of raising standards, far-leftists are instead feeding social justice into the schools, increasing racial tensions, while promoting more and more gender identities.

On the darker side of their efforts, in line with other dictators who from the beginning of world history have targeted children, an increasing amount of new curriculum is being used to indoctrinate the youth.

One of the worst is Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer who has aggressively pushed for the insertion of critical race theory into her state’s schools. Now her administration is providing devise, controversial material promoting race essentialism to teachers.

Whitmer’s Educator Advisory Council has published a report called “Social Justice and Anti-Racist Educator Resources”. It gives schools and teachers the materials they need to push race-essentialism, ensures that race is seen as a central determinative factor in everyday interactions, and teaches some children that they are oppressed and others that they are oppressors based entirely on the color of their skin.

The report’s opening page includes; “The compilation aims to help colleagues begin, continue, and further their own work to FIRST educate themselves and then bring anti-racist teaching to all grade levels and subject areas.”

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