Michigan Nursing Home COVID Update

Transparency as well as accountability is one reason why Robert Regan has decided to seek out again, a legislative seat. Regan unsuccessfully ran for the Michigan House in 2020 and was the first candidate to raise a red flag on Whitmer’s nursing home policies.

“In the summer of 2020, State Representative Beau LaFave sent me official State of Michigan documents proving Governor Whitmer issued orders intended to populate nursing homes with patients having tested positive for Covid. Not only did she issue the order but encouraged the practice by financially incentivizing the nursing homes,” said Regan.
Regan’s video on the documents received over 500,000 views. “Not one media outlet reported on it.”

Regan says if he wins, he’ll demand an Oversight Committee investigation. Additionally, as a Republican Party Committeeman, he will oppose any attorney general candidate who will not investigate criminal culpability.

“Governor Whitmer’s official orders amounts to '3rd Degree Murder' and she must be held accountable,” said Regan.

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Let’s face it, west Michigan is special.

Thank you for checking out my campaign website and taking the time to learn more about me and how I want to represent the good people of the 84thd District.

Why Run?  ...because I want to serve the people of our district and represent OUR shared values and OUR shared interests in Lansing.

I have been working hard to earn the support of the district.  I know that my perseverance, determination and commitment will resonate with the district and am hopeful that 2022 is OUR year.

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