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no fearPeople have asked my view on Covid-19 so, I decided to put my ideas down on paper to make it easy for voters to understand my perspective and I how I would represent the voters of the 74th District. I am not a doctor or health care professional but, I do have a healthy skepticism of Big Pharma and their focus on big profits.

I am not advocating for Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine or any other particular therapy. I am however, advocating for a patient and physician’s right to prescribe and to try a drug or therapy as he or she sees fit. The doctor patient relationship is private, sacred and each is unique and different.

I did not make this issue political; The State and Federal governments did when they issued top-down, “one-size-fits-all” orders [mandates] to businesses, people & children in the interests of STOPPING a virus. The government cannot “STOP” a virus. Never could, never can.

The personal, intimate and sacred relationship between a doctor and patient should have been respected from the start and health care professionals should have been allowed to treat as they are trained and licensed to do. The problem is the tentacles of the federal government are so far-reaching that now hospitals are heavily incentivized (paid big money) to treat patients according to the order of powerful, (often corrupt) health care BUREAUCRATS. We are now learning the vaccines have not stopped transmission and do not protect others as the government said, and this sentiment was communicated down the chain starting with Fauci and the CDC.

The same is true for masks. As the data indicates, none of these approaches have STOPPED the virus, “slowed the spread” or “flattened the curve.” The fact of the matter is, that the government did more damage than good. It has unleashed trillions of dollars into to the economy in the name of STOPPING a virus. Small businesses and restaurants got crushed in the process, depression, suicide and self-harm rates have spiked and on top of it all, inflation is now running rampant.

Here is another example of harmful bureaucratic policies. Monoclonal antibodies appear to be an excellent treatment. So, why does the federal government keep blocking them? Shortages…how and why??? These questions need to be investigated and answered.

The problem is we have so called “experts” with financial incentives, in science and health care, now making political decisions. I am NOT a doctor or a scientist and that is why I am running. I will be there to serve the needs and interests of the people of the 74th District.

I suggest that voters take time to listen to Ron Johnson's senate forum from this past week (link below). Although one may feel like they know what is happening with the virus, it is hard to argue with the world's leading experts from around the world. Real science is never settled. New data, new information and new situations arise that require health care professionals and their patients to be aware of, so the best possible treatment, for the patient, can be made available. We are not a “one size fits all” health care system. Each person is unique. Each situation is unique. This is why the doctor-patient relationship is sacred and must be protected.ivermectin fighting covid 550

Start at the 40-minute mark. This is a 5-hour riveting exposure on Capitol Hill with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and a panel of about a dozen world renown doctors, scientists, and experts, talking about of the truth of Covid-19, the disturbing side effects of the vaccine, and the exposure of major governments, agencies, and NGOs around the world. It is riveting testimony and exposes the truth.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that we want our people safe and we all want to get beyond this virus so we can get back to “normal.” No one person has all the answers. It takes multiple perspectives and ideas, discussed openly and freely to analyze, test and refine, to come up with the best solution for each individual. That is what makes America great.

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